CYBERONE, a center of information securityWe will protect customers’ value and make safe CYBER world with innovative technical services.

  • 1600+ References of representative
    institutions in public, finance,
    and private sectors
  • 1 of 4 Hold all top 3 national licenses
  • NO.1 Capacity to take orders
    from major ICT infrastructure
    and public sector
  • 90% Share of engineers
  • A0 Credit rate
Company name CYBERONE Co. Ltd.
CEO Dong Hyun Youk
Foundation date January 12, 2005
Address 39, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (Bangbae-dong, CYBERONE)
Number of employees 251 (as of 2023)
Main businesses Security control service, Security consulting service, Cloud service, Smart system, Integrated Security Management System (SIEM)

CYBERONE, A Leading Company for Comprehensive Information Protection

  • Large scale integrative
    control center

    Timely response in case that
    integrative situation is
    occurred for control, analysis,
    and technical personnel

  • Inhouse development
    and operation of
    integrative security
    control platform

    Response to customers’
    requests and platform
    upgrade timely

  • Apply machine learning
    to whole customers

    Strengthen analytical capability
    for big data
    by unsupervised learning

  • Robot process automation (RPA) huma + Bot collaborative system

    Timely and accurate
    for working with human
    error prevention