PROM SIEM is an integrated security control system to collect rapidly changing and dynamically increasing data easily, and analyze them accurately.
As a backbone of integrated security control, it establishes the control system that can detect the abnormal data and respond them, and strengthens IT security.

Searching and analysis
Search and analyze the core.
  • Searching simple condition
    • Check the data that are searched with simple conditions
      such as occurrence time, IP, Port, attack name, and so on.
    • Can understand the information of IP country and risk.
  • Multiple searching
    • Check the data with multiple conditions such as time series-based analysis,
      TOP N by IP, attack name by IP, TOP N by destination port, and so on.
    • Can understand the required analysis information in a glance.
Detect and deliver abnormal data in a real time basis.
  • General rule

    Detect IP/Port/attack name/specific letter array based
    attacks in a real-time basis.

  • Allocation rule

    Analyze and detect abnormal data collected
    for certain period of time.

  • Correlation rule

    Detect abnormal data based on
    the correlations of time and event.

  • Optimization PROM which is optimized for big data management by each step including log collection, storage, searching, detection, response, backup, and so on can manage all types of IT assets.

    PROM SIEM can manage all types of IT assets upon establishing the security system optimized
    for the customers and detect abnormal data based on availability.

  • Visibility It provides visibility to understand the status intuitively.

    Dashboard of PROM SIEM can show the monitoring of essential information and current traffic.
    Overall threatening level can be checked by detection of abnormal data.

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