Smart system

The company develops and provides the new integrated security service
as a smart system upon integrating with smartcard/mobile ID/RFID based object recognition technology and physical security such as CCTV, sensor, entry control, and so on.
Also, it holds the knowhow on the system design and development solution so as to provide customers with stable customized solution.

Service types
  • Entry control system

    It is a system to control entry using various authentication tools such as smartcard, mobile 1D and 2D barcodes, 900MHz, and so on so as only for authorized users to be able to enter the facility. It also uses additional function such as firefighting, schedule, group control, and so on to enable the entry control.

  • Electronic attendance checking system

    Instead of conventional attendance checking by voice, it is an attendance checking system for students upon Bluetooth-based location authentication using integrated terminal, smartphone, tablet, and so on.

  • Drinking water control system

    It is an automation control system to resolve the inconvenience of meal ticket which are using in the cafeteria and minimize the loss such as personnel for issuing and distribution of meal tickets, time, errors, and so on. It is aligned and operated with payroll system using smartcard and mobile ID.

  • Attendance control system

    It is a system to enhance the administrative efficiency upon supplementing the problems of the conventional attendance checker (substitute checking, manual calculation, delayed process at office-going hour, errors, and so on.)