Operation policy of video processing system

Posted date: July 26, 2022
Effective date: August 2, 2022

CYBERONE Co. Ltd. (hereunder, 'Company') informs how the video information handled in Korea is used and managed by the operation policy of video processing system.

  1. 1. Reference of video processing system installation and its purpose

    Company installs and operates video processing system (hereunder, “CCTV”) based on the personal information protection act for the safety of employees and customers, prevention of crimes, facility safety, fire prevention, and so on.

  2. 2. Installation places, filming range, time, and number of installed units of CCTV

    Place No installed units Filming range Filming time
    Headquarter 4th FL 3 Weakness analysis room
    Corridor of 4th FL
    3rd FL 2 Door
    Corridor of 3rd FL
    2nd FL 3 Office (Front, back)
    Corridor of 2nd FL
    1st FL 10 Conference room
    Reception room (Front, back)
    Emergency stairs
    Parking lot (Front, side, back)
    Corridor of 1st FL
    Basement 2 Door of security control center
    Corridor of basement
    Rooftop 3 Door
    Outdoor side of rooftop

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  3. 3. Manager and access authorizer

    1) Headquarter
    Section Name Title Department Phone No
    Manager Hee Mang Kim Ex Director Business Planning 02-3475-4909
    Access authorizer Seung Hyuk Kim Associate Business Planning 02-3475-4908

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  4. 4. Filming time, storage period, storage place, and handling method of video information

    Section Storage period Storage place
    Headquarter 1 month from the filming date Store and handle by HR&GA team

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  5. 5. Consignment of installation and control of CCTV

    Company entrusts the installation and control of CCTV as follows, and sets the required regulation to be able to manage it safely in case of consignment contract according to the related regulations.

    Vendor Phone No
    S1 Co. Ltd. 1588-3112

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  6. 6. How to check personal video information and place

    1. ① If you contact with manager of the video information in advance and visit Company, you can check the information through submission of ‘claim of personal video information viewing/checking the identity/deletion.’ The procedures of personal video information viewing, checking the identity, and deletion are as follows.

      1. 1. Writing claim of personal video information viewing/checking the identity/deletion (information owner)
      2. 2. Review and decision whether to allow it (Company)
      3. 3. Inform results on the requests of viewing, checking the identity, correction, holding handling, deletion, and so on (Company)

        - Place to check: Installation places of CCTV

    2. ② How to check the information owner or delegate is as follows.

      1. 1. Information owner (himself/herself): Identification cards (officially certified ones by administrative institutions such as resident registration card, driving license, and so on, which cannot be modified or misused easily)
      2. 2. In case of delegate, certificate to prove the identification such as resident registration cards of the delegator and delegate as well as power of attorney
      3. 3. Person in charge in Company checks the identity through questions, and so on.
  7. 7. Measures on viewing and deleting of video information of information owners

    1. ① Information owner, his/her legal representative, and delegate can request viewing, checking the identity, and deletion on the personal video information whenever possible. However, it is limited only for the personal video information that information owner is taken and for the purposes of life saving, physical damage, and benefit of properties.

    2. ② If Company has the fair and public reasons enough to reject the request of viewing, and so on, as follows, Company can reject the request.

      1. 1. In case that causes significant interference for crime inspection, maintenance of a public prosecution, and execution of trial
      2. 2. In case that is difficult to delete the video information only for the information owner, technically
      3. 3. In case that has the great potential to infringe others’ privacy
  8. 8. Administrative, technical, and physical measures for protection of video information

    1. ① Company establishes and executes internal management plan to handle personal video information safely.

    2. ② Company allocates the access authority to minimum range of personnel and restricts the access to video information of the unauthorized persons.

    3. ③ Company takes the necessary actions to store and transmit the personal video information safely such as encoding the personal video information when transmitting it and setting password on the file if stored.

    4. ④ If Company views the date of the personal video information as well as the video information, it records and manages the purpose of viewing, viewer, date of viewing, and so on. Also, Company takes the necessary actions to prevent from forgery of the records.

    5. ⑤ Company stores the personal video information in a safe place with lock.

  9. 9. Amendment of operation policy of video processing system

    This operation policy of video processing system was enacted on June 23, 2014. In case of addition, deletion, and correction according to the changes of regulations, guidelines, or security technology, they will be posted in the company homepage from 7 days before the execution.