PROM ATS (Awareness Training System for Security) V1.0 is a training system
for employees to support the enhancements of security awareness level and responsive skill against malicious e-mail attacks.
It provides the simulation function to perform awareness enhancement training repeatedly similar to the actual cases.

Training types
Can enhance the security awareness level through various types of trainings.
  • Link type
    • It induces the infection upon clicking e-mail link
      by the target user.
  • File execution type
    • It induces the infection upon downloading
      the attached file and executing it
      by the target user.
  • Qualification execution type
    • It induces to reveal the data
      by providing the target user with specific page or service and inputting his or her own information.
Training template
It provides the same templates as real such as coupon, survey, authentication, delivery, and subscription types.
  • Basic template

    It provides multiple types of basic templates
    such as coupon, survey, authentication, delivery, subscription, and so on.

  • Making user’s own template

    User can generate the template directly and train it.

  • Reporting control Can establish the awareness on security.

    Training with real templates can arouse attention and make the firm sense on the security by reporting function so as to respond to the malicious code infections.

  • Visibility Provide the training status and results intuitively.

    Provide sending history of training and training status intuitively. Training history by individual and comparisons and stats among training courses are possible.

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