It is a solution for weakness control that checks the weaknesses of information system automatically or manually,
and provides one-stop control for detected weaknesses based on detailed guidelines for technical weaknesses analysis
and assessment and checking weaknesses of electronic banking infrastructure, for the major info-communication infrastructure.

Control and diagnosis
Control and diagnose IT assets and services.
  • IT asset control
    • Register and control major asset information.
    • Diagnose the weaknesses of assets and strengthen the security of the company.
  • Service control
    • Control services that are installed and executed in the major assets.
    • Control the using applications and services, and diagnose and execute the weaknesses.
Execution and stats
Strengthen stability by execution inspection on the collected weaknesses.
  • Execution inspection

    Control execution inspection after taking measures against weaknesses by individual persons in charge of assets and services.

  • Statistical report

    Statistical results of weakness diagnosis and implementation rate by subject are provided. Quarterly review is possible by generation and control of projects.

  • Compliance response Match the compliance guidelines (Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Financial Supervisory Service) and provide inspection policy.

    Upon raising the security threats, inspection policy and follow up management are possible
    to be able to respond to the complicated security compliance.

  • Simple weakness control It can be easily controlled using a variety of diagnostic tools provided by asset and ervice.

    Regular diagnosis and control are possible by scheduling. It can be managed with simple setting changes if the services are changed.

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