Security control service

As an integrated security control service,
CYBERONE established and operates stable infrastructure with integrated technical assistance competency in the whole area of security,
and provides the services that manage the customer services based on security experts.

Needs of security control
  • Increase
    of security threats
    • - Development of hacking skills (using new technology)
    • - Diversification of subjects to be attacked (users)
    • - Illegal trading of personal information
  • Expansion
    of operational control subjects
    • - Strengthened compliance (information protection/privacy)
    • - Increase of operational limitations due to introductions
      of multiple security solutions
  • Lack
    of security expert
    • - Difficulty in securing experts by technologies and changes
    • - Lack of professional organization to respond to the security threats
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Integrated security control service
  • IT environment Securing safe IT environment by prevention from security threats
  • Management Resolve the administration for security system and professional resources
  • Cost Administrative cost saving by service introduction
  • Reliability Enhance company trust level by preventing from leakage of users’ information
Main services

Security control service provides the services to maintain stable IT infrastructure in the company such as establishment of security infrastructure, prevention, detection, countermeasures, operation, and so on to protect the information asset of the customers.

  • Prevention of security threats
    • - Provision of the updated security information
    • - APT, DDos simulation
    • - Diagnosis of weakness (system, web, and mobile)
  • Monitoring and computer emergency response
    • - 24/7 detection of security threat and response
    • - Support expert for computer emergency response
    • - Provision of report for analysis
      and response results
  • Operation of information protection system
    • - Control of security system policy
    • - Pattern update of security system
    • - Response to failure case
  • Establishment of security infrastructure
    • - Rental and sales of information protection system
    • - Rental and sales of integrated control system


  • Active service

    - Rapid initial response with expert support in case of threat detection
    - Assign security personnel to the customer of security control

  • Proven technology

    - Using integrated security control platform based on inhouse developed AI
    - Hold stable support system such as consulting, control, and infrastructure establishment

  • Customized type

    - Provision of optimized service to meet the customer’s needs
    - Secure multiple long-term customers for security control and integrated maintenance

Service types

  • Remote control service

    It is a remote-control service by security experts,
    and controls security solutions of multiple customers remotely
    and performs real-time monitoring, analysis, response, and reporting.

  • Onsite control service

    Security experts are stationed at the customer sites to establish
    and perform customized security system,
    and it is very efficient service with business continuity
    upon responding the computer emergency immediately, if occurred.

  • Hybrid service

    It is a combined service with the strengths of ‘remote control’
    which provides the customers with services remotely
    and ‘onsite control’ which dispatches the security personnel to the customers.

  • Cloud control service

    It is a cloud service that aligns the customer’s security solution established
    in the cloud environment to PROM SIEM of CYBERONE so as to detect
    and analyze the computer emergency situation as a real-time basis
    and respond it intelligently.

Remote control service

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Security control target - Anti DDos, Firewall, UTM, WAF, ATP, IPS / Cyberone integrated control center - information collection + prevention + detection + response + report

Onsite control service

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Cloud control service

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