Security consulting service

Security consulting is a service to analyze the potential risks that can occur in all the IT assets
and organization and establish the countermeasures so as for managers and organization to realize the measures.
CYBERONE provides one-stop services over the whole area of information protection from establishment of information protection strategy,
development of information protection control system, design of IT protection strengthened model to operational supports for information protection,
required for the customers business and IT environment.

Advantages of security consulting service

Proven technologyCYBERONE keeps the best technologies for information protection, diagnosis of technical weakness, hacking,
and security, secures the top-level security technology as an assessment institution for personal information impact designated by Ministry of Public Administration and Security,
a information protection specialized service provider designated by Ministry of Science and ICT, and ISO27001 certified company.

Possess excellent talentsCYBERONE holds the best security consulting personnel, and about 30% of the consultants are advanced engineers.
The company satisfies the customers based on the accumulated experiences in the fields of general companies, finance, public, and infrastructures. .

A variety of consulting methodologies CYBERONE performs the projects successfully with CCMS which is an original methodology for consulting and a variety of consulting methodologies.
· CCPIM, etc.

Service types
  • Compliance
    • - Analysis and evaluation of major
      info-communication infrastructure
    • - Analysis and evaluation of
      electronic finance infrastructure
    • - Compliance response by field
    • - Review security level (public, finance)
  • Information protection
    control system
    • - ISMS certification consulting
    • - ISO27001 certification consulting
    • - ISO27018 (cloud) certification
    • - Consulting for establishment
      of information protection system
    • - Checking weakness of infrastructure
  • Personal
    information protection
    • - Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
    • - ISMS-P certification consulting
    • - Checking practice of personal
      information control
  • Simulated hacking
    • - Web and mobile
    • - Source code, C/S program
    • - Cloud
    • - ICS, IoT simulated hacking